Thunderbirds Concert at TNC in NY Times, NY 1 & NYC-Arts!

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Thunderbird American Indian Dancers

In 1963, 10 Native American men and women founded the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers to preserve the performance traditions of their heritage. The troupe’s annual concert, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, features songs and dances of the Iroquois, Pueblo and many other tribes. More

Thunderbirds TNC 2014
Theater for the New City –
Feb 1, 2014
by Solomon Mendelsohn
Thunderbird American Indian Dancers at Theater for the New City. Photos taken at the adult show Saturday night, February 1, 2014, by Jonathan Slaff, and at the children’s show Sunday, February 2, 2014, by Lee Wexler.
Here is a link to New York Channel 13’s episode of NYC-Arts for 1/22/15.  About 23 minutes, 40 seconds into the show is a short announcement, with videos, for this year’s Theater for the New City performance:

Here’s the link to the Thunderbird TNC publicity running on NY1 TV.  It’s the first item on the short clip.–where-to-go-1-23-15.html



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