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Carlos Ponce-Eagle Feather (Mayan) performs a men’s traditional war dance in Thunderbird American Indian Dancers’ Dance Concert and Pow-Wow, presented by Theater for the New City.

New York’s Thunderbird American Dancers Dance Concert and Pow Wow to Celebrate 40 Years


NEW YORK — Theater for the New City, 155 First Avenue, NYC will present its 40th annual Thunderbird American Dancers Dance Concert and Pow Wow from January 30 to February 8, 2015. There will be dances, stories and traditional music from the Iroquois and Native Peoples of the Northeast, Southwest and Great Plains regions. The event has become a treasured New York tradition for celebrating our diversity by honoring the culture of our first Americans.

A pow wow is more than just a spectator event: it is a joyous reunion for native peoples nationwide, and an opportunity for the non-Indian community to voyage into the philosophy and beauty of Native culture. Traditionally a gathering and sharing of events, pow wows have come to include spectacular dance competitions, exhibitions, and enjoyment of traditional foods.

Highlights will include storytelling by Matoka Eagle (Santo Domingo, Tewa), a Hoop Dance by Marie Ponce (Cherokee), an Eagle Dance from the Hopi Tribe by Raymond Two Feathers (Cherokee),More..


Read more athttp://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2014/12/30/new-yorks-thunderbird-american-dancers-dance-concert-and-pow-wow-celebrate-40-years


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