Full House Saturday!!Last Chance Today 44th Annual Thunderbird American Indian Dancers Concert Kids $1

Carlos Ponce and Alan “Star” Brown Traditional Men’s Native American Dancers at TNC

44th Annual Thunderbird American Indian Dancers Concert Kids $1

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Michael Taylor’s (Choctaw) New Hoop Dance Choreography, Yaqui Deer Dancer Carlos Ponce (Maya) and Matoaka Eagle’s (Santo Domingo Kewa Pueblo and Chickahominy) special story, MC Louis Mofsie (Hopi/Winnebago)

Hoop Dancer Michael A. Taylor (Choctaw)


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43rd Annual Thunderbird American Indian Dancers’ Dance Concert and Pow Wow


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Native America Thunderbird American Indian Dancers


Michael Taylor and Louis Mofsie’s Same Beat(starts at 6:45mns) Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library

Michael D Taylor Grass Dancer

Aired on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network in half hour segments. This episode of ‘Native America’ contains a performance by members of the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers, the first piece features two female dancers, Dale Legones Lifetime Member of the Thunderbirds and modern dancer)  and the second, two male – in both, one dancer does traditional Native dance while the other does improvisational dance. The male dancers are Louis Mofsie (Hopi/Winnebago) and Michael Taylor (Delaware). The episode also features the Native American blues-rock group ‘Indigenous,’ which consists of three brothers, Mato Nanji (vocals and guitar), Pte (bass), Horse (percussion), and their sister, Wanbdi (drums, vocals). The siblings are members of the Nakota Nation and grew up on the Yankton Indian Reservation in South Dakota.The Thunderbird American Indian Dancers traces its roots back to a group of teenagers called the Little Eagles, which included director Louis Mofsie.

Videos of Thunderbird American Indian Dancers



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