Honored Lives…Website Access Regained Today…

In Spring 2020 of the Global Pandemic. we lost access to our website edits and backoffice. We were unable to edit updates and cancellations, due to the Covid Pandemic shut downs.

Our deep apologies to all of you for this loss of contact.

We were, however, able to post  information updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages in lew of this website lockout.

We regained access to WordPress updates again ,today. We will update pages as quickly as we can If you haven’t already…

Please join the conversations on:

Thunderbird American Indian Dancers Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/210656542367948

Twitter : @thunderbirdsny

It is with great sorrow and with heavy hearts that we honor the passing of:

Victoria Tarrant a founding member and long time supporter of the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers, Inc. Loving wife of Sam Tarrant, mother of Kevin Tarrant and several leaders and future leaders of our American Indian community. With great humility, she endeavored on in the face of great odds to pioneer a place of culture, family and home for urban and rural Native American women  helping to initiate leadership in Native communities and organizations across America

Kevin Tarrant Director of the Silver Cloud Singers lifetime member of the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers, Inc.  Co-founder and Managing Director of Safe Harbors NYC, on May 4, 2020, Kevin Thomas Tarrant, Little Lightening & Yellow Bear (Hopi/Ho-Chunk) part of the Sky Clan and Bear Clan.We carry his song forward for our dance, his footprints and musical echoes are ones that will be followed by many generations to come.More at: https://aila.ngo/in-memory-of-kevin-t-tarrant/

Chuck Lewis 30yr Healthcare RN at Waterbury Hospital, Inventor of a healing CBD salve, yearly Gourd dancer and a top exhibitor at our annual pow wow, we remember Chuck as a man who exuded power through his gentleness and joy, We will miss you OH so very much!! Charles “Chuck” Lewis, 64, went home with the Lord at 3:09 p.m. on Friday, July 3, 2020, at home surrounded by loved ones. More at: https://www.rep-am.com/obituaries/2020/07/08/charles-lewis/

Ty Jacobs Executive Chef from Philadelphia we will miss your humor, hospitality and great meals.

My deep apologies to all of you for this loss of contact.

Marie Poncé 

Author and Technician for

 Thunderbird American Indian Dancers, Inc. Website and Social Media



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